The Lightroom Masterclass


Get the most from your photos and master Lightroom. This masterclass will answer any question you’ve ever had when it comes to editing your landscape images.


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“I always felt that using Lightroom is kind of cheating. I avoided it for years. Call me a purist but I was so wrong. I was leaving so much information on the table and so much extra impact and drama. Thanks to Michael’s masterclass, I’m able to make the most from my images. Amazing course!”
- BT

“I’ve been following Michael for years and have taken some of his courses. This was by far the most extensive course I’ve ever done. Every step of Michael’s workflow, so many problem solving tips, and many techniques that I wish I had known earlier.”
- CP

“As a pretty competent Abode user, I was a bit skeptical of this masterclass. But, how wrong was I? Very. I learned SO much from Michael. His step by step teaching left no stone unturned. I loved working on his images and practicing alongside the videos to really grasp what he was teaching. Thank you!”
- PR

This masterclass is for you if…

You struggle to actually improve your images in Lightroom, and it takes forever.

You’ve tried and failed to create HDR and panoramic images.

There are so many tools you don’t understand and have no idea where to start.

Create better images without relying on trial and error!

What You’ll Learn



Hello and welcome! Before we get started, I want to get you oriented to this course, what to expect, what’s covered, and how to get started.


Getting to Know Lightroom

In this first lesson, I’ll take you through the basics of folder organization, setting up your Lightroom window, importing an image, and a brief summary of the entire Lightroom workspace.


Organizing Rating and Culling

Organization is key. Lightroom has many valuable tools for keeping your workspace clean and making a massive import of images easy to navigate. I’ll share my favorite tips for speeding up thi...


Finding Your Way Around

Opening up the Develop module can be a little overwhelming. So here I’ll show you around and explain the histogram, cropping, spot healing, and more.


Selection Tools and the Basics Panel

Let’s dive in deep into how to use some of the powerful tools in the Develop Module. Here I’ll teach you about Graduated Filters, Radial Filters, the Brush Tools, and I’ll explain...


How to Understand all the Color Correction Tools

Lightroom has an extensive and complex system that we can use for color grading or correcting. I’ll teach you how to understand these and use them quickly and easily to add or remove contrast...


The Complicated Bits we Need to Understand

There are some powerful but slightly more complex tools in Lightroom which I’ll explain here. From Sharpening and Noise Reduction through Post-Crop Vignetting and my exporting process.


How to Use the HDR Merge Function

With the HDR Merge function, we no longer need to use Photoshop to create amazing HDR images. Instead, this is the method I use for retaining high dynamic range. In this lesson, I’ll take you...


How to Use the Panorama Stitch Function

I’m sharing my panorama workflow from start to finish and how to troubleshoot some common problems. Panoramas made easy!


Bonus - Transform and Warp in Photoshop

I wanted to include a Photoshop lesson here in case you run into images that you can’t get right in Lightroom. In this lesson, I’ll teach you my methods for quickly using the transform ...


Bringing Drama and Life to an Overcast Image

Overcast weather can be a little underwhelming to shoot. But, in this lesson, I’ll teach you my techniques for bringing impact and drama to an image that was a little flat.


Theres No Harm in Trying

When you allow yourself to try things, you’ll be able to take your image in new and exciting directions. In this lesson, I’ll teach you my process for finishing up this photo; we will t...


Vivid Sunrise - Subtle Edits

Not every image needs a crazy amount of editing. However, suppose you are gifted with good conditions. You might not know how to improve the photo without ruining it. Let’s take this sunrise ...


Vivid Sunrise - Achieving a Natural Look

With this image, I’ll teach you how to achieve realistic looks. From straightening distorted lines to handling oversaturated colors in part of the image and everything in between.


How to Use a Range Mask for Selective Edits

Using a luminosity range mask will allow you to target specific areas of an image to make an edit. In this lesson, I’ll teach you my entire workflow for working with range masks to get the lo...


Deepening the Drama in an Image

Using graduated filters, the brush tool, negative dehaze, and of course Luminance Masking, let’s work through finalizing this image to really highlight the experience and drama of this shot o...


The Usefulness of Virtual Copies

Virtual copies are handy for figuring out new edits and also experimenting with different crops for different uses.


The Power of the Dehaze Slider

Harnessing the power of the dehaze tool, using it to not only gain more clarity out of hazy images. But also to add a bit more foggy atmosphere into certain scenes.


Subtle Edit for a Dramatic Seascape Sunset

Let’s do a complete edit on a beautiful dramatic seascape image. Then, you’ll learn my techniques for highlighting the flow and drama of your pictures.


Problem-Solving a Wide-Angle Cityscape

So you want to use your wide-angle lens, but it’s creating all kinds of strange effects around the edges. In this lesson, I’ll take you start to finish on a 30-second exposure. Teaching...


Color Grading a Nightime Cityscape

With this second image shot in Los Angeles, I’ll teach you how to color grade your nighttime cityscapes to create a dramatic and grungy look.


Handheld Telephoto Mountainscape

This photo has great light, great details, an exciting sky, but the drama is lacking. Learn how to use shadow and highlight to add drama to an image. 


Choosing how to Manage Contrast in a Frame

Working with dappled light and a dark foreground, I need to decide what kind of image I want to create. Aside from the usual edits we need to make, I’ll walk you through some vital decision-m...


The Milky Way Over Yosemite

I love photographing and editing the night sky. This image of the milky way is an excellent opportunity to learn how to make the most of a pretty well-captured night sky. I’ll teach you how t...


Getting the Colors Right

We’ve got the basics looking good, but in this lesson, I’ll walk you through my techniques for perfecting the colors in a Milky Way image and some pretty incredible tips for guiding the...


Working with a High ISO Night Sky Image

Let’s go start to finish on this Milky Way shot. I had to overexpose this image and shoot at a pretty high ISO. This brings its own complications. In this lesson, I’ll teach you how to ...


Extra Night Sky Techniques

This third image doesn’t need a tremendous amount of work. I’m including it here to teach you some basic tweaks to make the most from your night sky shots.


When the RAW File Doesn't Match the Experience

I loved taking this photo, and it’s a great example to teach you what to do when the RAW file is flatter and less attractive than the subject in front of you on the day. We’ll go throug...


Final Touches

In this last video, we’ll finish this image from the Faroe Islands. I’ll teach you a range of different techniques and interesting choices to make throughout an edit to get a final resu...

Imagine you could…

  • Create and edit an image from start to finish without needing plugins or presets.
  • Get effective results and transform an image in a matter of minutes.
  • Make the most of dull conditions, replace a sky, and create atmosphere.

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The Lightroom Masterclass


Get the most from your photos and master Lightroom. This masterclass will answer any question you’ve ever had when it comes to editing your landscape images.


"Lightroom can seem complicated. I receive questions every day from people asking about techniques. I’ve compiled those into a huge masterclass that will give you an inside look at my workflow, teach you tricks and techniques that actually work, and allow you to create better images in less time."

Michael Shainblum




3h 45m


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Act now! This special offer is guaranteed for the next...

Hours Mins Secs


The Lightroom Masterclass


Get the most from your photos and master Lightroom. This masterclass will answer any question you’ve ever had when it comes to editing your landscape images.